FAQ for Reid

FAQ and Preemptively Answered Questions

These are many answered questions that I am asked either directly or indirectly.

I am concerned / why are you traveling?

Some people cannot understand why others travel. They may think I am running from something, something messed me up, I have severe issues, or something else. Basically that I travel because there is something wrong with me. I may be strange, unique, and a few items short of a full suitcase, but I am not insane. An important thing is to try see things from someone else's shoes. Hold back from attempting to impose your view of the world when interpreting what someone else is doing. Be open to the reality that there is more than one way to live and enjoy life. Instead of worrying and wishing someone would live up to the only worldview you can see, celebrate that they are living a life that they want to and fits with their worldview. No, there was not some turning point, a big fork, a traumatic harmful event, or something that damaged me. When people cannot understand others they attempt to go back and rewrite history. To cobble together a reason for why someone is the way they are and do not conform to their single worldview. There must be something wrong after all. But that exercise is useless. Someone has a different worldview. What is important to them is different from what is important to you. Things change from being static to relative when you can view the world from multiple perspectives. Travel enables individuals to shift the way they see everything. There is no bigger goal or grand purpose. There was no point in trying to work and stay in the same spot with the economy as it is. People I respected and looked up to told me that I should travel before other commitments prevent it. There is no point in putting off for tomorrow what can be done today. Many people dream of travel, or other things that matter to them. Too often they put their dreams off for tomorrow but it never comes.

I cannot accept that you are okay. Get help.

I talked to a counselor for a semester when I was attending university. The essence of what she said is that I am okay, come back if something changes, eat healthily, exercise, and sleep regularly and well. So far, nothing has changed and I have tried to follow what she said. I feel well and content.

How do you do it / how can you afford it?

I tend to travel and stay in certain places for an extended amount of time. I do not try to go everywhere, see everything, or pack almost nothing. Rather, I tend to have enough stuff to travel indefinitely and fairly easily. I go on excursions from a main base, wherever that may be. As far as how I afford it, I really can't. But I do it because I feel like it. It is more like I am living in different locations. It is not one long holiday. I am doing normal things here. I work and integrate that into my travels. In Washington DC I worked at an Apple retail store, taught in South Korea, and worked in a cafe in Australia. On the days off I travel the areas extensively.

How much does it cost?

My year in Hong Kong, Nepal and India cost ~6500 USD and a month in Thailand was ~325 USD.

Do you get lonely?

Yes, it can be lonely at times. But there are people to meet on the road. Traveling alone is the most convenient and easiest if you have no plans. Sometimes I travel with others when our plans converge. When they split again it is off to being alone. At this moment the sacrifice to travel is in the form of weakened connections with others. But it is a sacrifice worth the price. Travel has helped me to see how important loved ones are. People do not necessarily stay put because of a location as much as the relationships they have nurtured. It is widespread. The connections we make are often much more important than anything else. That is important, finding people that understand you and support the things you do. That accept you as you are instead of trying to impose their worldview onto you.

Why don't you drink?

For three reasons. Firstly because I have alcoholic relatives, secondly because I grew up without alcohol and that has stuck with me, thirdly because I have no interest. Don't try to pressure me if you want to remain in contact. I support the choice to drink in a manner that does not negatively affect others and am comfortable with others drinking around me.

What are you doing in your future?

My future used to be clear but now I have no idea what is in store. Also, even if I did, I have learned that even though it is hard, we should never share our future plans with anyone or we will likely never do it. Refer to How to Achieve Goals. That being said, I would like to earn enough money to pursue opportunities as I see fit.

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