A Ghost Moving a Flower Pot

Submitted by ReidMR on Tue, 06/25/2013 - 13:29

Conclusive Proof of a Ghost

I walked outside when I saw and recorded this conclusive proof of a ghost! /S


(Sound of pencil scratching on paper.)

I found all of this really peculiar. You can see all of our flower pots are hanging here. Flowers are, as you can see, completely still. (Eerie creaking.) As with this one. And then you see the one here. (Eerie creaking). And it's not stoping. It just keeps on going.

I don't know how long you would want me to film it for, but, I could just stand here and stand here and it just keeps on going. (Eerie creaking). As I mentioned, ah, there moving a tiny bit, but hardly. (Eerie creaking)

/End Transcript.