1. Intro to Motorcycling

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Intro to Motorcycling

This video introduces what I will be going over in this beginner motorcyclist series. If you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely, these videos will be a good place to start. This is the first video for my learn to ride a motorcycle series.

If you would like to play all of the videos in the series starting with this one, click here: YouTube Playlist .

I have included links to the other videos in the series and other helpful links at the bottom of this page.

The transcript is below if you prefer reading.


(Sound of pencil scratching.)

My motorcycle video series will provide a glimpse into the skills taught on the range in the Motorcycle Safety Foundation's Basic RiderCourse. When I was researching the class and information about motorcycling I thought I could produce better content than what I came across. So this is my attempt to prove myself correct. I guess it is up to you to decide.

Use this information at your own risk. By watching these videos you consent to indemnify me, my company, and any employees from all liability for anything.

I will be covering most of the skills taught on the range in the MSF's course. I have done my best to recreate the setup needed for the skills, but mine is not exact. My aim is to give information for people to practice if they cannot attend a lesson, want to further educate themselves on motorcycling, or would like to practice what they learned on the course. I cannot remember all of the skills, but I have done my best to cover from the very first lessons up to what we needed for the test at the end. I will include links in each video description to the transcript on my website and possibly other helpful links.

My information should be relevant, but review the manual, take the class, and assume all liability. We usually practiced each lesson six minutes each. Many of the skills were combined. I recommend that you practice until you are proficient, but that you stop when you are tired to practice at another time. If you can ride a bicycle then you can learn to ride a motorcycle.

I really enjoyed the course and HIGHLY recommend that EVERYONE take the MSF course or something equivalent. The MSF is a great not for profit organization that offers motorcycle safety and training classes. I took it because I needed my license quickly. After taking it I recognized I learned valuable information and skills. If you are in the position to do so please require others to take the course and if they cannot afford it offer to pay for it. They provide the motorcycle. I drove dirt bikes almost daily besides in the winter and thought I would not enjoy the course. Sometimes the exercises felt like they were only included to pass a test or requirement, and not to learn and experience. Sometimes I felt rushed. We were often let out early. I still think highly of the course and found it to be very useful. They are much more thorough and additionally teach in a classroom setting. They give us more thorough technique as well as personal suggestions to help you improve your skills and work on particular areas you may need more focus on. The course instills the importance of proper technique and safety through repetition.

My next video will cover proper equipment for motorcycling.

That just made me want to do this.
/End transcript.

Videos in the Series:

1. (This video). Intro to Motorcycling. http://www.reidmr.com/musings/1introtomotorcycling.

2. Motorcycle: Equipment. http://www.reidmr.com/musings/2motorcycleequipment.

3. Motorcycle: Pre-Ride Inspection and Controls. http://www.reidmr.com/musings/3motorcycleprerideinspectionandcontrols.

4. Motorcycle: Engine Start and Checking Oil. http://www.reidmr.com/musings/4motorcycleenginestartandcheckingoil.

5. Motorcycle: Friction Zone and Shifting. http://www.reidmr.com/musings/5motorcyclefrictionzoneandshifting.

Further Resources:

Please note I am in no way affiliated with the MSF and have made these videos on my own. A special thanks goes to Ken at the MSF for sending me a brochure listing many of the lessons.

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