2. Motorcycle: Equipment

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Motorcycle: Equipment

This video covers the proper equipment to wear while motorcycling. If you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle safely, these videos will be a good place to start. This is the second video for my learn to ride a motorcycle series.

If you would like to play all of the videos in the series starting with the first video, click here: YouTube Playlist .

I have included links to the other videos in the series and other helpful links at the bottom of this page.

The transcript is below if you prefer reading.


(Sound of pencil scratching.)

[Use this information at your own risk. By watching these videos you consent to indemnify me, my company, and any employees from all liability for anything.]

In this video I will cover the proper gear for motorcycling. We should always cover our bare skin while practicing. That means at a minimum wearing long sleeve shirts, pants made of jean material, boots that cover our ankles and have nonslip treads and no heels, leather gloves, a helmet, and motorcycle glasses if we don't have a visor. Everything should be of sturdy material. Beyond the bare minimum it is better to use protective equipment designed for motorcycling, and these are things that I also use every time I drive. They would include: motorcycle jacket that has extra abrasion resistance and extra protection in critical places, motorcycling pants which are similar to the jacket, a full faced helmet to protect the front of our face, and earplugs if it is legal. Please read the linked manuals before riding for a full overview of proper equipment (link to this page, they are below). We want to ensure we have proper abrasion resistance in case it is needed. I use a full faced helmet for extra protection as dental repairs are rather expensive. Most if not all helmets sold in the states are DOT approved including this one. An additional SNELL rating is even better. In these videos I may wear a long sleeved shirt and pants instead of the jacket and motorcycling pants. Other then when I am recording these videos whenever I drive I wear my full gear.

The next video will cover the pre-ride inspection.

And this is an example of totally inappropriate gear for motorcycling. [Sitting on the motorcycle wearing only my boxers.]

Lastly I just wanted to show how long it took me to put my equipment on. And this is the actual equipment I use every time I go driving.

[I use these] velcro straps on the side of the pants to help hold them tight and block in the air from blowing in. These are also made extra long so they can be comfortable, the pants, so they can be comfortable when sitting down and also long enough so they don't ride up on your legs.

[My] jacket also has velcro to help [?] prevent wind from coming in. These gloves are more apt for the summer because they're vented on the top so they can let some breezes in. It would be a little bit [hot] otherwise.


Almost all, if not all. I'm just re-go.. redoing from the top. Redoing from the top (exasperated sigh).

/End transcript.

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Further Resources:

Please note I am in no way affiliated with the MSF and have made these videos on my own. A special thanks goes to Ken at the MSF for sending me a brochure listing many of the lessons.

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