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There are a few ways to support ReidMR. The best is simply to give me feedback about anything, or simply let me know you visited. Right now, I have no idea if anyone even looks or finds value.

Others ways to support me are: subscribing on YouTube, giving feedback, following on Twitter, or sending money via PayPal. With any support I will focus more energy on this website by creating more content.

If this inspires you and you do something with it, please support me. This is fully self funded at the moment. So far I have paid hundreds of dollars and dedicated over 1500 hours for this website. For everyone here whether you have supported what I do by visiting my site or more, thank you. Sharing my site and using your own knowledge to help spread the site is much appreciated.

For anyone who uses an alternative method of support send me a message with the method of support and I will help you help me.

Many of the support options including PayPal will take you to a secure external website.

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