FAQ for ReidMR.com

FAQ and Preemptively Answered Questions for ReidMR.com (the website)

FAQ and preemptively answered questions for ReidMR.com (the website).

Why did you create this website?

I have created this website for many reasons. I wanted to learn what goes into building a website. I thought some of my musings may be useful for other people. I have been dissatisfied with the lack of discussion regarding certain issues. Some tough issues need to be discussed and I thought instead of waiting, I would step forward as have many others before me. I write to raise awareness and attempt to facilitate open discussions even though it can be difficult to have these conversations. Some will be upset about what I write. Some will support me. Regardless, these are subjects that I find important and wish to share. My wish is that others find the information I present helpful, that it may encourage discussion, and that it may create a more personal connection with certain issues.

Why focus on the issues presented? Why not bigger issues?

Because the issues I present are relevant today and are currently blocking progress for a better tomorrow. These issues need to be addressed and resolved before the next issues can be solved. Also people should focus on things that are relevant to them and they care about. These are for me.

How much time has it taken?

As of 18 August 2013 I have devoted at least 1500 hours to it.
~My videos and articles usually are at least 40 hours to finish. The main things for articles are research, finding information, drafting, and proofreading. The videos take a while to write a script, film, edit, publish, add closed captions, and write a transcript.
~Many of the things I am doing for the first time so it takes a while to learn how to properly do it without redoing it later.
~From 2006 to mid 2011 I wrote 5 posts for at least 40 hours each. I had two websites to setup for at least 40 hours each. I had to learn about creating my own domain for the first time which was at least 40 hours. From mid 2011 to April 2012 I worked about 8 hours a week on it (about 10 months, 40 weeks, 320 hours). From April 2012 to November 2013 I worked in Thailand at least 4 hours a day for one of the months (120 hours) and then in Australia I worked at least 24 hours a week for 5 months (480 hours). I worked at least 8 hours a week on it from November 2012 to May 2013 (6 months, 192 hours). From 18 May to 18 August 2013 I worked at least an hour a day for the first month, then 2 hours a day after (30 + 120).

Was it hard making it?

Not really. It takes a lot of time. Motivation to create and write without any high levels of immediate gratification is difficult. Actually learning how to create the website and publish it is fairly easy. There are many tools and resources to assist. It also has been difficult to stop talking about stuff and start doing. That may have been the hardest part because I didn't have anything to talk about between the gap working on it and actually publishing. It was really depressing staying to myself and working. After I published it, I was able to talk about what I accomplished and started to hang out with friends again. It was a relief. Lately I have become used to working on it and have been enjoying it.

How much money do you make with it?

As of August 2013 my expenses far exceed all of my online income. My total combined online income for the last two years is less than $100. Before that I earned nothing. My yearly out of pocket expenses for the site is around $200 a year. This website costs around $100 a year to host and I have several domains that also cost about another $100 a year. I have to pay for it by working normal jobs. It really has been about learning and sharing.

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