Lesotho: Visiting a Village

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Personal Experience in Lesotho

Groaning van. Medicine woman. Wonderful scenery. It was a short but wonderful drive into Lesotho.

Wednesday 26 December 2007

I went to Lesotho with an organized rural village tour. It was a strenuous journey for the packed van creeping over the rough mountain road.

A creek going with the road going right through it
On the way into a valley we came to this stream crossing our path. Our driver exited the van to walk across it and ensure the water was not too high and that road rocks were not washed away. Recent rains washed some away, so we held our breath as the driver maneuvered across the narrow path. We hoped it did not wash out when we returned.

Aerial view of Lesotho
We made it across the river and were greeted by this scenery. Our guide showed us into the local homes. They were very simple compared to what I was accustomed to in the States. But it exceeded the needs of anyone. The homes were built using a mixture of stone, stick and mud.

Cave drawings in Lesotho
The guide showed us these old cave drawings. He explained that they were used to illustrate the direction, type, and group size of animals.

Lesotho medicine woman, an elderly woman with people around her
We listened to this medicine woman sharing what she does. In the rural areas without hospitals and clinics, locals visit a medicine woman to try remedy their ailments and avoid a trip to the city.

Lesotho schoolchildren gathered together and playing
These children were playing by the school during their holiday. The school was built using stone and tin. Like everywhere I visit, no matter what the situation, children are always up for fun and laughs. These were no exception and came out simply for fun.

On the way home we had to go up a steep mountain road. The van was overloaded and could not make it. The tires slipped. We always have to adapt, and this was no exception. We were ordered out and told to push the van to make it up the mountain. After pushing it up the steepest bit, we continued on. A local woman was walking many miles because of necessity, so the driver gave her a free lift.

All in all it was an enjoyable day trip.

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