Macau: One Day of Highlights

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Personal Experience in Macau

Perversion. Swelling oceans. This was a very short and wonderful trip with Likee.

Tuesday 4th of August

Likee and I went to Macau for the day. We didn't have any plans once we arrived. We hopped on the ferry and went from there. Once we were in Macau a friendly guide offered to show us around for the day. We agreed on a price and off we went. Macau is small with not a whole lot to it. It is famous for gambling. It was simply an enjoyable day trip for us. They have a bungee jump from one of the tallest buildings in Macau. It was too windy that day so it was closed.

Me with some sculpted faces spouting water out of the mouth, I am making a weird face.
We were at this water fountain and I tried to blend in.

A front of a church, all that remained standing after another fire.
This church had been built and burned multiple times. This was all that remained after the last fire. I wondered if they thought it was something more than it was, such as: proof of divine intervention, a sign of being led astray, sin in the congregation, or something else. Clearly it was poorly built and a coincidence. Regardless, we saw it.

Interesting exercise sign, looks like they are advocating a different form of exercise.
This sign was on a short walk. When I noticed it I wondered what form of exercise they advocated. I never found out.

Likee, the tour guide, and myself.
This is Likee, our tour guide, and myself. He was a friendly man.

Me with cannon, trying to look like it is a particular extension of myself
This was me goofing off with that big cannon. After that, the tour guide exclaimed that he could now understand why people think Americans are obsessed with sex. I am not obsessed! How dare he?

A very stormy ocean with big waves.
This was the ocean on the way back. Enough to make my stomach feel queasy. A typhoon was coming and stirred up these unusually large waves.

Happy Travels

I came from and returned to Hong Kong.